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Anything is POSSIBLE

Uday I was at Shridi on a Thursday (8th march).I was chanting GORSE as I wanted a good Dharshan during my Aarthi which I booked online. But, I was disappointed as I was pushed to the corner behind a pillar and was unable to see my lord Hari. That night I as dishearten and thought the Bach flower didn’t work. Next day, an amazing experience took place. I got the opportunity to do the counting of the donations and as I wanted to count 100 rupee notes I was given the line of counting the same where I sat for more than three hours segregating the currency. I also met likeminded people who shared the great Leelas of Sai Maharaj. I was also given the opportunity to walk up in the line where Iliterally had a long conversation with my Sai Maa. The most amazing thing was I was at the Dwarkamaai where I said Baba I want to sit and meditate. This is quite difficult nowadays as the crowd is high and the security doesn’t allow. But, as I went near to the Dwarkamaai the security opened the gate and turned around. I just slipped inside and sat closing my eyes and said no one is disturbing me till I open my eyes.

Naran You have missed one more chance. You will understand GORSE or for that matter, no flower will ever fail you or anybody. The flowers always expect us to rise above our lower consciousness - lower mind. Why Gorse did not work on the first day? Has it not worked? Has it wanted you to view or look at things differently? The first day, you did not get Dharshan as desired. When it was not happening, it tried to tell you, “Have Dharshan of all the devotees. See Sai Baba in them. Each and every person around you is nothing but Sai Baba. Once anybody goes inside the temple, all minds are filled up with the figure of Sai Baba and all the lips chant SAIBABA”. Instead of worrying, if you had concentrated on these aspects of Divine Sai, your mind would have been elevated to Divine consciousness. Probably, this is the lesson we have to learn from the Divine flower GORSE. Thank You!


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