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All systems are created by the divine.


When you are asked to visit a doctor, he must diagnose it properly. Especially with the dentist, it’s a problem.

If we don’t have a good time, we have to permanently go to him.

When you chant SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE, he will diagnose it right.

How it works?

We miss so many things in life because of our past paced attitude. When you come to the basement, can you remember how many people you have met and how many steps you went down.

You might have seen everything. But everything is getting registered in the brain but you are not able to access. It is because the brain filters what is unwanted.

Every minute, there are 20 million inputs to the brain. So it filters. The same thing happens negatively also. You forget the important things because of your mind.

When you go in a car, you see certain scenes. But when you go in a cycle, you see more no of scenes. When you walk, still more sight will be seen.

When you go slow, more things are visible to you. That’s the meaning of SLOW.

CARE means retain. Whatever I observe, please retain. It’s the command to the body.

SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE – Align all the parts so that I see everything well and retain everything.

Before taking a decision, chant SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE.

When you visit a doctor, chant SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE so that he will become slow and diagnose it well.

All systems are created by the divine. You should not differentiate between Allopathy and other systems.

v Why nothing is working for the healing group?

It is because you always say something bad about Allopathy. Its not the system which is bad. Because it’s in the hands of somebody, its bad.

All the systems are equally good. Everything is created by the divine. So whenever possible, if you have to go to Allopathy, you must go.

You should release the resistance that you will not visit the doctor.

No alternate systems has got the diagnostic systems as Allopathy.

If you go to Allopathy, diagnose it and use the Switch words or use any other alternate method. But diagnosis is important. For that at least, use the system.

To make the doctor also alright, chant SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE.

Whenever you visit any heart specialist, chant RUBY SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE. RUBY is heart.

When you have a weak heart, your sun energy will be weak. You visit a person or a doctor(ie) heart specialist whose Sun energy is more.

We automatically go to him. All heart doctors have sun exalted in their horoscopes. If your Sun is weak, you develop a heart problem and you go to a heart specialist.

RUBY represents heart. RUBY SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE means that your heart will be strengthened; the doctor will diagnose it well.

Whenever you visit any consultant apart from heart (ie) ENT or general physician, EMERALD SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE.

v How to make the doctor prescribe less medicines only?

All of us have the feeling that the doctors give about 10 to 15 tablets. When you chant these words, he will give less medicines only.



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