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Agrimony Discussion with Naran Balakumar

Discussion on Bach Flowers From Naran’s conversation with Shobana: compiled by R Mohan.

Indications of Agrimony Watch out for key words: inner turmoil, peace, hiding, mental torture, and free from conflict

What is the mental state of an Agrimony person?Naran, Balakumar: when a person says, “I want peace of mind”, it means that there is turmoil or disturbance in his mind. Then he is in the state of Agrimony. He is anxious within, though he smiles outside. More and more he does smile, more and more it means that there are inner conflicts. “I don’t want any conflict’ – this expression denotes that he wants harmony. As otherwise, the disagreement or conflict will upset his peace.

In what ways an Agrimony person will mask their feelings? She will avoid bothering her husband with her house hold issues. In the night time, an old widow would think that she should not disturb or bother her son or daughter-in-law, on her requirement. So she will go and fill up her water bottle in advance, for example. “When I get old, I should not be bothersome to anybody” – will be in the mind of an Agrimony person. In all these expressions, one can find that the Agrimony person does not want to disturb the peace of others.

They undergo mental torture and hide their feelings Mental torture hidden from others – is yet another key word of Agrimony. To hide the mental anguish, one seems to be cheerful and always smiling. If you come to know about his problems through somebody, then you will wonder “I can’t believe that this person is undergoing such problems!” Hiding is an important nature of an Agrimony person. How do they manage to hide? How will they mask what’s inside them? They do it, by not expressing their true feelings.

His actions He dislikes being alone, because then his worries will torment him. Therefore, he goes late to bed. In fact, he will go home late. He will do everything in his book to do so. He appears light-hearted, though he is heavy-hearted inside. Therefore, when anyone says there is heaviness in the head, give him Agrimony. He will be working late into the night – so that he is occupied with work and therefore worries won’t be tormenting him. He will go to his friends’ house. To forget his own worry, he will make others smile and be happy. He will go to a bar and say – “to forget my worries, I drink”. Torture means great suffering or anxiety. Therefore, in anxiety, Agrimony is to be considered. He is anxious to be at peace with himself. Naran, Balakumar: May you have Agrimony, I mean peace J


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