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R Mohan I had a severe running nose. None of the usual methods of Naran – Pills and Mudra were working. I tried desperately for a day and the cold doesn’t seem to go. Usually within a day’s time, I will be able to heal it. However, now I couldn’t. So, desperately I called him. He immediately asked me to chant, “REN 22 URINARY BLADDER 23”. I thought this is strange. The numbers given were Acupoints and he is asking me to chant the points. I was too sick to ask him why? Also, with Naran’s healing approach, you don’t ask questions, if you want the healing to be successful. Do it first and then once healing is done, ask him those questions. So Ii did the chanting. Within few minutes, the running nose stopped and I could go to sleep immediately (“When you sleep, healing happens” – Naran). In fact, for the last 24 hours, I couldn’t sleep. However, I slept nicely now. When I came out of my sleep, I had a little bit of cold. I chanted for five more minutes and it was gone.

What is AcuReiki?– Notes from the AcuReiki manual You would have heard Acupuncture and Acupressure. However, what is AcuReiki? In AcuReiki, you send Reiki to those Acupressure Points which has to be simulated without needles as in Acupuncture or by pressure as in Acupressure. The pre-requisites are – you need to know which points has to be healed (pick up the manual from centre or any good book on Acupressure or Acupuncture) and you need to be a Reiki Channel. The interesting thing about it is, you just have to know what points to be stimulated and you don’t need to know where those points are as Reiki is intelligent enough to find those points and stimulate them as well. Based on my experience, AcuReiki works better when the situation is too hot to handle – I mean you are very desperate to solve it.

What is AcuChant anyway? However, he has asked me to chant those points instead of sending Reiki to those points. And it worked. So I guess, this is one more invention of Naran – AcuChant. Of course, I coined this term.

Naran Every Acupoint has a consciousness. It has been used by so many over several years. Whether you call them by Chinese name or English name, that consciousness behind the name will respond. So, when you chant the Acupoint, automatically it responds by getting activated and thereby the energy will start flowing through that channel.


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