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Able to do things that I couldn't do all these years!


My Dad , a senior citizen had been hospitalized almost 4 times for some kind of terrible backpain. As he had kidney stones , he thought the pain is about the kidney stone and got himself admitted due to unbearable pain. The Urologist there said you do have kidney stones but those are tiny and won't be the cause of this terrible pain. Then we visited orthopedic and the orthopedic considering dad's age, weight etc, advised that nothing can be done you just need to have your self positioned in one particular way while sleeping.

For many months my dad used to just sit and sleep, that pain he had when he used to lie down.

Looking at my parents helplessness, I suggested we speak to Naran Sir for resolution. My mom immediately said, When doctors have no idea of the cause , do you think your Naran Sir will help?

I just said, we visited so many doctors with no resolution , let's add one more to the list. Agreed and we spoke to Naran Sir!

Naran Sir after listening gave some Bach flower remedies and to our everyone's surprise, my Dad is sleeping well lying down on the bed now and hardly any pain now. We ordered the medicines few more times so that Dad is at ease.

The most surprising and happy part is - My Mom says looking at my Dad, "Naran Sir Zindabad". Look your dad is drawing, painting and doing awesome things. Dad then expressed that he wishes to LEARN art which he couldn't pursue due to the poverty we came through and then the health.

One cannot believe that a 70+ citizen happily doing Mandala Art and proudly showing it to all of us. He is so excited that he is able to do things that he couldn't do all these years!

Naran Sir- Meeka Meeka Nanri. As a daughter if I wish for something is Pure Joy of my parents. Thanks for blessing us with the Divine Energies .


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