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A Sound Financial Plan

Creation of Wealth When you find yourself with insufficient money, try to find new sources, ways – sources by which you can earn more:

  1. ELM and OAK – for inadequacy of mind to think ways of improving finance; to think differently

  2. GORSE – if you have no hopes or if you think to all sources are exhausted, feeling hopeless of getting any additional money

  3. LARCH – to be more confident of creating wealth If you are in business:

  4. Think how to add more value to the products or add other products of more value. If you are in job, ask simply:

  5. “How can I add more value to my work”,

  6. “What I had to do so that I am wanted more”,

  7. “How will I make my job more valuable” and

  8. “How will I contribute 100%”. When you say or think that I am already working more than 16 hours – take OAK + OLIVE + HORNBEAM to work smartly and finish in less time. If you are in business, or a salesman, ask yourself: “How can I reach more in less time” or “How can I reach more customers” then Take VERVAIN + OAK + OLIVE.

Have a plan to spend and invest Suddenly an advertisement comes and we spend carried away by it and regret later. Not to do any impulsive purchase – CHERRY PLUM + HONEY SUCKLE Or stop spending all when there is money – WILD ROSE

Enjoy your wealth

  1. Thank divine, your work, office everyday for your earning.

  2. Thank your expenses

  3. Stop your feeling of jealousy about the rich and come out of it by saying “ I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, LOVE THANK DIVINE”

  4. Find out your beliefs about money and release them

  5. Chant the Switch Words – “TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW”

  6. Do the Mudras – ACCEPTANCE MUDRA and VITALITY MUDRA, each for 15 minutes.

  7. Daily morning – rotate all the 7 chakras clock-wise by intending “Keep rotating clockwise at optimum speed.” When you have too much worry and confusion about finance, take WHITE CHESTNUT + SCLERANTHUS + RESCUE REMEDY in the night.

Try the following on each day and find which combination gives you the money you want or require: MORNING    - one combination each day and repeat MIMULUS, PINK TOURMALINE (1st day) MIMULUS, RUBY (2nd day) MIMULUS, CAT’S EYE (3rd day) MUSTARD, DIAMOND (4th day) Daily afternoon to evening GENTIAN, LARCH Daily night SWEET CHESTNUT, SCLERANTHUS Pink Tourmaline, Ruby, Cat’s Eye, and Diamond are Gem Remedies and available only at the centre. The rest of the remedies mentioned are Bach Flower Remedies, which are available in the Homeopathy Shops also.


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