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A model for healing others

FTRRS I am asking this for my Sister’s son, who was dyslexic. He could not finish his 10th standard. But, he is Artistic enough to do Modeling Acting. His Parents wants him to get some job but he wants to become a Successful Model- actor as he has good physique.

Naran “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE REACH DIVINE Model” Ask him to chant this around 1000 times. Whenever he finds time, he can do it.

FTRRS My Sister has asked if she can chant these words on behalf of her Son.


  1. Mentally keep the person in your left palm. Keep the right palm about 18″ to 20″ away from the left hand.

  2. Go on chanting the switch words bring the right hand slowly steadily towards the right hand and finally when it touches the left palm, end the chanting.

  3. Thank the person and say, “please go back to your place”. Thank the switch words.

Explanation To release the resistance inside: CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE To bring out the talent within: REACH DIVINE


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