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A Couple of Back Pain Cases

Updated: Jan 29

The wife came first… She said that she married a person about 16 years elder to her, and he was not coming home on time. If he goes to work at 6 am, he stays in the office until after midnight and comes back home only around 2 am or 3 am. It is a love marriage. She is a Christian, married to a Hindu. She said that she was isolated. She was also suspicious of his behavior. She developed a back pain and came to me for treating that. Physical reason for the back pain is she is riding a scooter, which is gearless. Mental reason: she feels she doesn’t belong to the family and therefore there is no support for her either.

Reasons for back pain In general, these are the reasons for one’s back pain:

  1. Insecurity is the main reason

  2. Not able to earn well

  3. When you are uncertain about your place in the house or office

  4. Prolonged struggle to keep up a relationship

  5. Death of a parent or spouse

  6. Lot of accusation in the office and unable to go to the office with peace of mind

  7. When somebody is not promoted for a long time A sudden back pain for men is could be due to different reasons:

  8. He may be losing his job

  9. He may have resigned his job suddenly The lady is feeling isolated, and struggling hard to keep up her relationships. She is also struggling hard to find a place in the family. These are the reasons for her back pain.

Bach Flower remedies for back pain How to heal this pain? Just if you say, “I feel safe and secure” will the back pain get healed? No, it won’t. Need for the support means, or if a person who wants some support from the family means then they had to be given flower remedies CHICORY and CENTAURY. Then they will get the support immediately from their family. For a person if they think, “What is my place in this house? I feel isolated” and if they get a back pain then they have to be given WATER VIOLET. For blaming the in-laws and the husband as well as for her pitiable condition in the family, WILLOW is the remedy. Finally, you may not get what you want. You will become apathetic, and lose interest in life and for that WILD ROSE has to be given. This combination of flower remedies (CHICORY, CENTAURY, WATER VIOLET and WILD ROSE) is a wonderful combination for back pain.

Now the husband’s story, which is totally different from hers After about 10 days, the husband came to see me. He said that he had a back pain, belching, acid reflux and gastritis. Sometimes he had constipation and sometimes he had diarrhea. There is a lot of complication in his lower stomach and large intestine. The gas problem means the person has lost enthusiasm in life. That means the liver is not functioning well. For any gastritis problem or abdominal cramps, apart from the stomach, the liver is also not functioning properly. He was very much frustrated because of so many blocks in life. Here, we have to teach him to release the blocks one by one. I asked him whether he was frustrated in life. He said yes. I asked him why. He is a counselor working under a psychiatrist doctor and he is working from morning 8 in the morning till midnight.

Why he has to work so hard and earn money? Before marriage he ventured into a real estate business and he had invested about ten lakhs. Unfortunately for him, his business was in the Telangana belt. Two or three people joined him and 30 lakhs was invested in a real estate project. This happened in 2008 and at that time the Telangana struggle broke out. For one year, he could not achieve anything in business. In second year, the person who promoted the company, died. Because of these things the company did not have a “take off” at all. So for the last three years he had to pay the interest and principal amount also. Though, he had been working very hard like this, he could not earn enough money. He also said that two-thirds of his income would go for paying the interest. With the result, he has developed a back pain. If a person has got a loan and struggling hard to repay it he will definitely develop a back pain because of his financial insecurity.

He could neither earn money nor his wife’s love Here, we have to make him understand that by working for long hours he will not earn the sufficient money and he will lose his wife too. The body is telling him ‘please don’t do this’, and that is the cause for belching.

Don’t work harder but smarter These problems came in the stomach because stomach is the centre of the body. I told him the belching problem indicated that he would lose his relationship. He need not work so hard like this.

Bach Flower Remedies for the husband’s problems If a person is in such a situation, you cannot ask him to chant “I feel safe and secure”. It will not work. In such a situation the Bach flower remedies comes to the rescue. See the coordination between the Bach flower remedies and mind and body. OAK is the one remedy he needs mainly. Oak is a tree. It is a strong tree. It can withstand any weather. When a person is working hard and not rewarded properly, the remedy Oak is to be given.

By giving him the Bach Flower Remedy Oak he will know how to work with less struggle. Oak says that you need not work for 20 hours.

By working for only 8 hours you can earn what you want. Oak will give the husband a lot of inputs and lot of new ideas so that he can earn more. If he takes Oak regularly then he will start earning well and at the same time he can spend time with his family also.

First the belching stopped I told him to test the Oak remedy like this.

He has to take Oak for a week and work only for 8 to 10 hours.

If he feels that his belching is getting reduced then the remedy is working. Second day of taking the remedy, he was free from the belching.

He got the confidence.

Valuing your relationships will create sound relationships Then I told him, that he had a love marriage.

Not to lose his wife he had to work for only 8 hrs a day.

He had to understand the value of their relationship, and find out why one marries. I asked him to bring his wife during our next meeting. I was shocked to see “the same back pain” lady as his wife.

I asked him to find out whether his body had rightly guided him or not.

You know what he would have answered. WATER VIOLET is the remedy for not understanding the value of a relationship and the same remedy is applicable for feeling isolated too. What a wonderful combination for a couple!


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