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A Brief on Bach Flower Remedies Part I

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies There are 39 Bach Flower Remedies. They can play a very important role in a person’s life.

First of all we need to understand that:

  1. We are not the mind

  2. We are not our thoughts

  3. We are not our emotions

  4. We are above that.

  5. That means I can watch my reaction and able to say, ‘I feel angry’, ‘I am worrying now’ and so on. This technique of self observation has to come to you.

Why I need to observe myself? The moment you start watching the mind, the mind will stop its normal course of reacting automatically. How our mind exists? It exists due to our thoughts and emotions. When you start observing your thoughts and emotions, your mind will stop thinking. Therefore, it will not exist to influence us.

How do I practice this self-observation? What are the steps to analyze our mind?

  1. Whenever something happens, talk to yourself, “This is what is happening to me. This is my thought. And these are my emotions”.

  2. In addition, ask a question, “Can I change my reaction”. This simple question will change your reaction.

  3. Our reactions are automatic. When we change it, the result has to be different. How?When your reaction is ‘A’ result ‘B’ happens. When you change your reaction to ‘C’, result ‘B’ cannot happen. It has to change.

Are there any tools available to change our reactions Why should I change my actions in a different way? Is there is any help available to me for me to change effortlessly? Yes, it is available in the form of Bach Flower Remedies. Just by taking the Bach Flower Remedies in the form of pills you can achieve the following:

  1. Reduce your anger, violence and worries.

  2. Establish harmony and make your life peaceful.

  3. By all means, achieve anything and resolve any type of problem.


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