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Updated: May 2, 2020

I want to thank the Divine for sending Naran Sir in my life. There are so many times in a day that I apply his teachings. I discovered Naran Sir while renovating our house. His switchwords-always got us a promt reply from the designer and also from the labors. During my difficult times his ‘Star of Bethlehem and Rescue Remedy helped us face situations gracefully. Now ‘wolf’ helps all my staff too. For my staff for admissions in schools and colleges for their children. His teachings guides me to help our staff during their stressful times - I write the Bach Flower names as taught by Sir on paper and give it to them to carry along with them. They come back with smiles and thank me for getting happy results. I keep his anti-robbery card stuck on the inside of our cash drawer and regularly take Walnut, Gentian to glide through all the enormous changes happening around me. I am doing the Violet flame Tarpanam every day and feel so peaceful and will always be grateful to Naran Sir for teaching us this simple method. When the student is ready the Master appears, I waited for 20 years to learnt Reiki from the master and when I found Naran Sir, I finally learnt. Thank you Naran Sir for sharing your beautiful knowledge with all of us on this platform.

Hema Vathwani Pune


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Dinesh Shah
Dinesh Shah
26 set 2019

Thanks. What to write for 40 days?

Mi piace
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