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Mudra Tips and Techniques Part I

How to do mudras? You can do a Mudra by sitting erect in a chair or you can lie down in bed. The recommended time is 10-15 minutes but for good results do it for 30 to 45 minutes. You can split the duration into two times – 30 minutes can be done as two 15-minute or three 10-minute durations. If the results are not as per your intent, either do it for more time or do the appropriate Mudra for the new situation. Consult Naran in this regard. You can do chanting while doing the Mudra. Have to do Mudra on both the hands.

When to do mudras? You may do Mudras, while walking, sitting or talking with others. You may lie down in bed too. There is no breathing regulation involved. Of course, you can count your breath while doing some special mudras – Panchamuga Mudras. Watching TV is more important to us J You can even do this when watching TV or when you talk with others. Mudra healing is a simple and effective technique to do, even while walking.

Two mudras simultaneouslyMAINAK KR BALL Can we do Pran and Kubera Mudra simultaneously in both hands? Say Pran Mudra in left hand and Kubera Mudra in right hand. Naran No. Do these two Mudras one after the other. Refer the Part II of the article: Part III of the article:


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