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Bio-salts for Senior Citizens

Naran S Balakumar

Introduction to Bio-salts The subject on Bio-Salts is a very interesting subject. It is a vast subject but a wonderful one. We need to learn it. There was German doctor, whose 12-year old child died. Soon after, he did a research on body components - what is the composition of the inorganic salts that the body is made of. He came to conclusion that 12 inorganic salts make up the body. Using the method of Homeopathy he potentized them and found the bio-salts works in the ratio of 1:60. For any small problems – including mental and physical problems, bio-salts are very helpful. All over the world Bio-salts are available in the form of tablets. In Chennai, it is available in the form of liquid. In our center, it is available in the form of liquids and pills.

Blood clot, High BP and other health issues In aging there are some issues like, sodium is less in the body and so on. Bio-salts can rectify those problems. All of us are afraid of cholesterol. In fact, it doesn’t do any harm. You need not worry about them. However, you should worry about the clot formation. Inside our capillaries, clots will get formed, which in turn creates problems like heart attack. There is one remedy in bio-salt which can remove those clots. It is Kalimur 6x. In general, after the age of 50 and 60 one can take one dosage a day. There is one more combination made up of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. It is very helpful to keep High-BP low. For all calcium deficiency this can be taken.


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