Purchase Pro version i.e. Rs 3650 by 30 March, will be upgraded to "Unlimited" version on 1st April.

V1.0 - FREE


Misc Features

V2.0 (Expected launch April, 2020)


About New Version

Please note that, new version of Lotus App will be released in April.

For the convenience of users, there will be four subscription models

  • Free

  • Lite (active from April 1, 2020)

  • Pro (Current Premium )

  •  Unlimited edition (active from April 1, 2020)

Current subscribers

All the existing premium users who had subscribed during Jan-Feb-March 2019 can renew in April.

As a special bonus, they will be eligible for the Unlimited edition (Rs 4650) for the price of Rs 3650 per year (which is the price for the "Pro" edition)

Things to note


-All the customers, who subscribed between 1st May and 30 July 2019, will be update to Ultimate edition, AFTER RENEWAL
- All the customers whose subscription ending by April 30th will continue to be in Pro edition only Till RENEWAL 
- All the new subscription received in March 2020, will be moved /upgraded to Ultimate edition
-If someone who had subscribed in Aug 2019, will not get Unlimited edition now, but in Aug 2020, they can renew at pro price and get unlimited edition. If they want to access unlimited now, they have to pay the difference.
 Or they can renew now to avoid payment of taxes two times