About Mooladara (Mooladhara) and Crown - MP3:

  • Listen MP3 via Headphones.
  • Used the pyramid frequency. Through sounds, I have combined Mooladhara (root/basic chakra) and Crown chakras.
  • Energy will then flow from Mooladhara to Crown chakra and then from Crown chakra to Mooladhara chakra.
  • This would stabilise you very well.
  • You will feel energised through-out the day.
  • If you are truly searching for a job, by working hard, then you will get it.
  • If you haven’t tried for a job, then you will start trying for it.
  • After getting fever, you will feel weak. This will remove that tiredness.
  • If you have a head ache, you will be grounded properly and so the head ache will vanish.

Mooladara and Crown (Stable Mooladhara).MP3