About Love Thanks Divine Forgiveness MP3:


Benefits of listening to the mantra

The sound frequency produced by the chanting (pronunciation) of the Mantra can transform anything that is unwanted and un-required, both from oneself and others.

Its frequency wipes out all the dark forces in the atmosphere.

Its Divine sound waves will clear, cleanse chakras, aura and all the bodies - Emotional, Mental, and Pranic.


1.It is the same as Forgiveness Mantra except 'I Am Sorry' Mantra is embedded in subliminal mode.

Chant the new forgiveness mantra - "I am sorry Please forgive me Love Thanks Divine Light Change" 

2. Forgiving parents is a must. A person who was denied property by her sibilings received her share without a fuss after she forgived her parents. You don't need to hate them to do the forgiving exercise for parents - I <so and so> forgive you <father or mother> please forgive me and release me.


Love Thanks Divine Forgiveness MP3