About Durga Durgama - MP3:


Benefits of listening to the mantra Mp3

1. The sound frequency produced by the chanting (pronunciation) of the Mantra can transform anything that is unwanted and un-required, both from oneself and others.

2.  Its frequency wipes out all the dark forces in the atmosphere.

3.  Its Divine sound waves will clear, cleanse chakras, aura and all the bodies - Emotional, Mental, and Pranic.


How to use the mantra-charged water?

One can place a glass of water in front of speakers when the mantra is played.

  • It can be taken by all in the family
  • It can be given to persons who are in bad company.
  • It can be sprayed in the house or kept in the north east corner of the house.
  • It can heal and transform the areas affected by violence, terrorism:
    • Write the name of areas where you want peace and keep the paper under a glass container.
    • Fill the container with water [50 ml].
    • Play the Mp3.
    • After half an hour, thank the Mantra and pour the water in the garden. in the open space, in your balcony or veranda and allow it to be evaporated by the sun rays.


May you Be Open to the Rays and Grace of Durga Durgama!!!


How to drive away doshas for marriage


Naran S Balakumar


  • If this Mp3 is played at home for 4-5 hours, it will drive out all the doshas and get the person married. Till the marriage is consummated, play the Mp3.
  • Number of unmarried people played the Mp3 and they got married immediately.
  • You can also write the name of the person to get married, tie it with the speaker with the name facing the speaker.
  • You can play it at night also.


Durga Durgama Mantra MP3