About Crown and 3rd Eye (Solution Finder) - MP3 by Naran S. Balakumar


  • Often referred to as the abode of the “third eye,” the sixth chakra (also known as ajna chakra) is where intuition and transcendent consciousness take priority over ordinary logic.
  • When this sixth chakra center is open, you can see clearly into another’s heart and soul—or into your own—with a knowingness that transcends the need to speak of truth or wisdom.
  • The third eye chakra also helps you sense the vibrational currents and underlying substratum of situational forces.


Benefits of listening to the mantra Mp3

1. The sound frequency produced by the chanting (pronunciation) of the Mantra can transform anything           that is unwanted and un-required, both from oneself and others.

2.  Its frequency wipes out all the dark forces in the atmosphere.

3.  Its Divine sound waves will clear, cleanse chakras, aura and all the bodies - Emotional, Mental, and             Pranic.

Crown and 3rd Eye (Solution Finder) MP3