Chakra series - Second Session Mooladhara



In the Mooldhara - Part 1, Naran sir discussed about Gem remedies, Bio-salts and Bach Flowers that can heal Mooldhara.


In the Mooldhara - Part 2, Naran Sir will discuss,

How to use Mooladara symbol to change one into trustworthy partner.

How to develop ambition patience and discipline.

To make anyone hard working.

To make solid realistic plans ,to develop the ability to lead.

To heal debilitating diseases like diabetes and cancer.


How to access Live Session.


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2. Internet Speeds
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Attendees will want to be viewing from a computer for the best experience. Other devices may be used but depending on the make/model users may have a different experience than those using a computer.

Chakra series -Mooladhara Part 2 (Recorded session)

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