Benifits of Crown Chakra MP3:

The Crown Chakra is the center of universal love and manifests as the will to serve others and the will to love.

It is the center of spiritual consciousness and divine oneness.

The Crown Chakra is known as the ‘cosmic consciousness’.

The Crown Chakra is also the center of self realization.

The Crown Chakra is the place where a person can experience oneness with one’s higher soul.


Benefits of listening to the mantra Mp3

The sound frequency produced by the chanting (pronunciation) of the Mantra can transform anything that is unwanted and un-required, both from oneself and others.

Its frequency wipes out all the dark forces in the atmosphere.

Its Divine sound waves will clear, cleanse chakras, aura and all the bodies - Emotional, Mental, and Pranic.

Swadhishtana and Crown MP3