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Your methods are not working for me

Client You have given a case history in the blog where a poor mother has chanted “VALLABHAM GAJANAANAM EKHA DHANTHAM” for a month and got her daughter married. I am chanting for more than three months. Yet, I haven’t found the results I want.

Naran Haven’t you read another case history where a person has chanted the same mantra for two years? He got his skin allergy cleared first, received a big salary hike after one year and eventually got married. The healing angels have a great sense of timing. They know what you needed now most, so as to fulfill your goals ultimately. In addition, what works for one, will not work for others. I have also given the Bach Flower Remedy SWEET CHESTNUT for some, while I have given a mantra for you.


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Yesterday, evening, I noticed a blister on my mouth, it was painful. Usually, with tablets, ointment it would take 7 -10 days to completely heal. I wanted to try a mantra given for infection in White

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