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Your life will always be bright

MalaThanks a lot Naran for making us knowledgeable about Black Tourmaline and also the technique you taught "Pray for someone who is very desperate like you in a certain entanglement and you'll be healed and blessed with the solution ". I wished and prayed   for a job for my cousin who was desperate for it. It turned out very surprising he got it and is leaving tonight to join tomorrow. Indeed even I got an offer in ORACLE (BLR), a dream company for every IT student where I hadn't applied also. But circumstances are such that I am not able to accept the offer and make the dream come true bcoz now I have a goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Even that day is not too far. Thanks a lot once again from the bottom of my heart. Actually, BLACK TOURMALINE should be called as BRIGHT TOURMALINE....


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