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Your in-laws are your parents

JEYI am married a few months ago and have problems with my mother-in-law. She is the possessive type. When my husband, she and I go out, she wants to sit in front in the car. Whenever my husband and I go out for a vacation, she would call him and ask him to come back. She decides everything for us and we have no freedom as husband and wife. My husband follows her blindly without questioning. How am I to solve this problem? I want my MIL to leave us to enjoy our marriage life. I love my parents very much and I want my parents to stay near me and I want to take care of them forever. At the moment my dad is jobless and he is always sad because of that. I hope he can get a job somewhere near my place so that my family will always be next to me. And, I want my parents to live long.

NaranWrite your parents name. Draw a circle around the names. Draw one more circle around the first one. Write in the gap, “SWEET CHESTNUT, WALNUT, GREEN TOURMALINE”. Love your mother-in-law as much as you love your parents. What all you want to do for your parents, do for your mother-in-law. Change your thinking and stop resenting. Do this for one month. Thank her for allowing you to be with your husband. Daily thank her like this. In the night, chant “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” till you sleep.

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