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Your Agenda Vs Divine Agenda

NaranSuri walked into my office with a dejected face. He was worried that he is in trouble, for he hasn’t achieved last month’s sales target due to his own personal commitments. He is worried that his manager will blast him during their next monthly meeting. I said his worry is based on his own agenda, while the divine’s agenda might be different, He thinks his manager would question about the dip in sales, while divine mayn’t make the manger raise the topic at all. Instead of expecting to have problem and keeps on worrying about it, he is overriding the divine agenda and mentally forcing the manager to bring the subject. So, I asked him to stop thinking about the subject, and prepare his usual monthly report that he normally prepares for the monthly meeting. I also suggested him to chant the names of the Bach Flower remedies, “ELM, OAK, CHESTNUT BUD”. I gave Elm and Oak to be ready for any unexpected questions and Chestnut Bud not to repeat the mistake once again. The monthly meeting happened. His boss never even mentioned about the sale’s target and moved onto other issues. Let us be silent and allow divine to work its agenda.

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