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You can heal anything with this technique

Back pain of my daughter My daughter has back pain, says a mother of a 21-year old child. Keep it in the left palm (mentally) along with your feelings, comments (about the situation) and your judgment – for example, ‘She is always disturbing me’. Keep everything in the left palm. Draw the infinity symbol, and bring the hands together slowly, while chanting ‘I am sorry Please forgive me Love Thanks Divine Light Change’.

Any problem can be resolved like this Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my boss. I don’t know what will happen. Put that in the left palm and heal that. Similarly, any problem you are encountering or which you come across, you can heal that and release yourself from the problem, by bringing the change within yourself, so that the change manifests outside. A problem is not a problem. It is a problem only in our mind. I am keeping my judgment in the left palm, allowing the divine light to come and change it – change my view and my perception only. When my perception changes, then everything will change.

My son and husband are always fighting with each other In what way you are concerned about it? Put that in the left palm and heal that. Always, heal yourself first. That is more important. The father and son have to heal their lives themselves. I am concerned about the conflict between my husband and my son, and want to resolve it. Put that in the left palm, and go above and bring the divine love, fill up your husband and son with the divine love. That way, you can heal it. Start with you. Detach yourself. That is the method.


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