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You are not alone in this world

Naran S Balakumar This (Heart) Mudra is formed by keeping the index finger at the base of thumb, while the thumb touches the tips of the middle and ring fingers, on both the hands. This Mudra is also called as Apana Vayu Mudra. In the Mudra, by keeping the index finger at the base of the thumb, the oxygen level is increased in the lower lobes of lungs. This is very good Mudra for heart as well as blood circulation.

Seek love inside and not outsideThis Heart Mudra can restore harmony. By keeping the index finger at the base of the thumb, the energy goes to the heart center – Heart chakra, not just physical heart. We always want somebody to love us. That’s our nature. We seek love outside. When you are in this Mudra somehow or other your heart center is activated.

Somebody is waiting to be loved by us The heart centre is like a cave. Because you are in darkness we seek love outside without knowing that somebody inside is in our heart sitting and waiting to be loved. Who is that? Is he a grown up person or he is a wise man? He is a small child sitting in the heart waiting for the one to love him. I am here. You don’t look at me at all.  You say this person does not love you and that person does not love you. Don’t you see within? Don’t you hear my voice? Come here. I will teach you. I will be your guru. That is the voice of Lord Karthikeya. Chant now the mantra “GURU GUGAN KODI KODI LAVANYAM” while being in the Heart Mudra.

You are not alone in this world. Lord Karthikeya as a teacher, as a guru is always inside your heart. ‘M’ is included in the word Lavanyam. It is a very important mantra as it touches the heart. Kodi means immense. Lavanyam means beautiful. So he is immensely beautiful. When the immensely beautiful child is looking at you and waiting for your love, you don’t look at him at all. Look within to love and be loved.


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