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Worried About Losing My Friendship

Updated: Mar 2


I have a misunderstanding with a friend of mine. I am not sure, next time when I meet her, whether she will properly talk to me or not. For the last two days, I have this anxiety. So, I released all my anxiety. Now I feel ok. However, I am worried, when I meet her next time how she will react and how will I handle it.

Naran S Balakumar

1. Release the anxiety (worry).

2. You are having a desire to keep the friendship going.

Release this desire too.

You are only releasing the thought, emotions and desires.

You are not stopping the actions (to be her friend).

Here, instead of the enacting the usual drama we create, we simply observe what is happening in our mind.

We release and observe the whole incident as a third person.

Which is convenient – fearing about something or releasing?

In the end, we keep the mind blank – free from worries, anger and fears.

What are the ultimate results we gain due to this technique?

As long as we are working from a noisy mind, there will not be any solution to the problem. By releasing all the emotions (and thoughts and desires) one after another, we are taking one step after another towards a litter-free (mind) zone, where we will be free of our emotions and thoughts. Then the solution for the problem will be found automatically as that part of the mind (litter free zone) knows how to tackle the problem. In this technique, we do no prayers.

If my house is full of garbage what will I do?

I will simply clear them isn’t it?

When I remove all the clutters in the house it becomes good.

In the same way, I release all the clutters from my mind. Desire is the motivator behind our actions.

For me what is motivating me to seek friendship in my friend?

There is a desire for approval operating in it. Release it.

When anything comes inside your mind, Just say, “Can I release? Yes. I release this. I let go this...”


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