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Work of the Bija Mantras – Free Mantra Chanting

Naran S Balakumar “Om Lum Namaha, Om Vum Namaha, Om Rum Namaha, Om Yum Namaha, Om Hum Namaha” The work of the Bija Mantra is to bring the surface mind (the ego) to the Center. We live our life from the surface mind, where all our emotions and thoughts reside. The Bija Mantras energize, cleanse, clear and balance the chakras so that all our thoughts come to centre of the mind. It is called Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) so that you can concentrate on the subject on hand with focus and concentration or with Gyana (knowledge). The chanting of the mantras is available in a DVD. Please contact center to buy a copy of the same.


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