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Wolf opened the door for me

BlissLast week, one late evening, I went out for shopping, leaving my 10 year old son at home. My husband was out of station. I asked my son to lock the main door and sleep. It was only when I returned that I realized that I hadn’t taken my home key. I tried calling landline, his mobile and calling bell continuously for 45 min, but my son didn’t wake up at all. The battery in the calling bell was gone due to continuous usage. My neighbors came to help me. We tried breaking the lock but it didn’t work out. Suddenly, I remembered reading in your blog that in such situations wolf will comes to rescue. The idea of calling an animal spirit has always been a bit scary for me. But getting experimental, I started calling wolf for help, to wake up my son to open the door. For 3 min with my heart and soul, I begged for wolf’s help. After 3 min, I also chanted “OM GAM GANAPATHAYAE NAMAHA” for 2 to 3 min. Suddenly, to the amazement of everyone, my son picked up his mobile and opened the door. I thanked wolf whole-heartedly.

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