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Without Worries You Can Quit Your Job

Case HistoryKanchana had problems in her work place – a call centre. She consulted Naran. He asked her to quit the job ASAP and to find a new job he suggested her to chant, “I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. OPEN SAVE DIVINE DELIGHT COUNT NOW DONE”. He added the switch words “Count Now Done” to the new I am sorry mantra as she is looking for a job. She started chanting. On the same day, she came across a friend, who suggested an opportunity in a Data Center as a data entry operator. She went for the interview and got the job, within 24 hours of quitting her job. Interestingly after her interview was over, one of the person, who interviewed her, came running after her. Asked her whether she is an engineer and on confirmation from her said, she could continue as long as she wants until she finds a new job. In fact, he promised to give her some references for potential jobs in IT companies.


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