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Winning Switch Words Part II

NaranSwitch Word(s)DescriptionFindFind a solution, to gain or regain somethingFind Count Divine Generate business, Find moneyFind Count……. Divine (fill up the rupees you want)To find the required amount of money, for example, “FIND COUNT 10 Lakh Rupees DIVINE”Find Divine Love Now OnTo find your life partner immediatelyFind Divine Order Count Now DoneGet a job/ business opportunitiesFind Divine OnTo get on with your life, when you are stuck up in an unwanted situationFind Divine OrderTo find normalcy in a conflict situationGiveSell your propertyGuardGet divine protection, achieve personal safetyHalfwayDo things quicker, Achieve your goal in lesser time than usualHalfway DivineManage traffic, Reach your destination fasterHalfway Divine OnCatch trains/bus on timeHelpTo get the required helpHoTo be happy and joyfulLove Thanks DivineEnergise a situation/ relationship/ event/ personMoveMove from current situation to new situationMove OnMoving forward in lifeNextTo know what to do nextNowDo or get something immediately


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