Will Household work also contribute to business success

A woman – single mother – consulted Naran on her business.

Client: Am managing both household work and my business.

Doing household is a merely time consuming and I am unable to complete my business work.


Main problem is you think that doing household work is not contributory to your business.

Client: Yes, very true.

Naran: Think differently. Every work you do, if you do it willingly, it will definitely contribute to your business.

Client: Whatever I do, I am doing it willingly.

Naran: If you do all the work willingly, end of the day you should not feel angry. Do you feel angry?

Client: Yes, I am feeling angry not for doing household work, but the time lost in doing it.


Reframe your thinking. You are not losing the time anywhere.

When you do your household work more willingly that will contribute to your business also. When you understand that, you will do it willingly.

You think household work and business work are different. Do not think them as separate work. Any work you do like cleaning, cooking, washing will definitely bring in an improvement in business also provided you think it is contributing to your business.

Client: I have 3 business deal enquiries. For the past one week I am struggling to find time to respond to them.

Naran: Mentally reply to those enquiries first. Do your household work, complete them and remember to reply the enquiries physically.

Client: Thank you Sir.

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