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Why to chant when everything is destined

BhaviIn the past, I have chanted, prayed a lot, with full faith in universal divine force. But, I was always told you can’t change anything. What is going to happen will happen? Nobody can change anything. I still have faith and trust. However, I always had a question in mind then why do we pray and chant the mantras if they are not going to bring positivity to the concerned situation? Is it fear of something negative happening to us and our family, which brings us back again to chanting and praying?

NaranYou cannot always get what you want. Sometimes, you can get what you don’t want. These are two life rules, which we have to accept. It is the mind which plays the game. If something does not happen, we wallow; if something happens, we elate. How long is this elation? After some time, we need something else and again mental emotional drama begins. It is because we attach importance to the result only and not to the action. If the action is done, and the result is surrendered, you will remain peaceful always. Ultimately, what we want in life is either peace or happiness. To get happiness or peace is the aim of all. Surrendering the result to the hands of Divine only can give you peace or happiness.  Chanting or healing, aims at changing the mind, to accept what is happening. Best of luck!!


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