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Why something never happens in our lives

NaranWhat’s the SECRET behind the fact that some things like “Buying My Own House” never happens? These emotions, thoughts and desires are consciously operating. But, there’s one thing that unconsciously operates which is called as (internal) resistance. For us, in our lives something never happens (whatever we might do). Who is responsible for that? It’s we who are responsible for that. I want to buy a house but I couldn’t buy it. I want to get married but couldn’t get married. Why? While there is some force behind “Wanting to get married”, then there is also an unconscious force that is equally operating that works towards “Not wanting to get married”.  When two forces equally strong operate from opposite sides, then we would be stand-still. It is like while you give a throttle to the car, you apply for brakes also. Then the car will not move from the current place. For all matters of life, this concept can be applied.

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