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Why no elaborate answers?

SHARADA Sorry for asking this. I know you will be hurt my reading my question. How is it that you have given Anuarun, elaborate answer? I too posted my question but you just said chant some flower remedies. You never mentioned any pill or no. of times I need to chant and no. of times I need to write. My situation is grave and yet I could not get clear elaborate reply. Please let us know why this difference.

Naran I am not at all hurt. Except one or two, who post questions in the blog I don’t know anybody personally, who posts questions. I am also not interested to know who is who. Sometimes I feel like explaining and sometimes I don’t. But all my replies are sincere with 100% prayers to you all. For every person who comes here, his situation is grave. You go through entire pages of this blog. Most of the questions will have one word answer only.


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