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Why can’t I be happy?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Client I had been trying out all the mantras and switch words you had suggested to me.

I had been religiously taking the remedies you had recommended.

Yet I am not seeing the results I want. I still don’t have a good job.

My marriage is in shambles.

Neither my parents nor my in-laws are happy about me. Luckily, I am yet to have kids.

Otherwise, I am afraid they will be cursing me too. My simple question to you is, “Why can’t I be happy and lead a satisfactory life-like others?” Sorry! I am feeling very skeptical here and feeling much disappointed too.


A Few questions to you first What is “Thanks”? What is “Acceptance”? Why should we accept everything totally – whether what is happening in our life is to our liking or not?

When I am lucky… I want. I pray. I get what I want. I thank the Divine. But I forget to pray for others who have not got because of my getting.

When I am not lucky… I want. I pray. But, I am denied. I feel sad or angry instead of thanking for not getting what I want. In other words, I am resenting the gift to someone. This sadness of anger over my not getting is truly resenting others and denying the Divine Orderby violating the quantum law:  “All is one. One is all”.

Why can’t I be unhappy, when I fail, you may ask? When I resent or feel sad, I cannot receive when my turn comes (yes! it comes to you one day for sure). Therefore, when I am denied, I accept and thank god for giving to someone. I thank God,because my prayers got someone what he wanted. Denial to me is a gift to someone who needs more than me.

So I Thank the Divine Let me feel happy about it. Let me accept it. With OPEN HEART and QUIET MIND, I ACCEPT and THANK the DIVINE for anything and everything in my life. I thank when I receive. I thank when I am denied, while others receive. So I Thank the Divine in Advance, for one day, my wants will be fulfilled, my prayers will be answered, and I will receive the gifts I desire as I have understood today that my acceptance and attitude of gratitude at any stage will get me everything, when my turn comes.


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