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When there is confusion and disorder

Updated: May 9


CHANGE DIVINE ORDER does not mean that the Divine Order will change.

Change the present state of situation to the original state and change it to the Divine order.

Life Situations:

There are only two things in the world – One is faith which is totally divine. Another is fear.

Somehow or the other, we are always in the grip of fear.

You cannot eliminate fear from your life at all.

We are programmed individuals in which fear is the predominant software.

Whenever any bad news comes in, to overcome the fear and to change the bad news into good news, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER will help.

Any situation which invokes our anger and judgement, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

Where there is a total confusion and disorder, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

When there is a turmoil in the house or when you find a person violent, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

When you find something uncontrollable, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER will help.

You feel that you are going mad or miserable. When you use the word unbearable, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

When you are upset or unsettled in life, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

There are situations which we cannot tolerate or accept. We always want to change the other person. We cannot accept certain things.

When you think about the person and chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER, you will change your perception about him and subsequently he will change.

Instead of working on the methods of trying to change or correct him, when your perception changes, he also changes.

It may take about one day or one year.

Do not try to correct him. Restrain from all the dialogues.

When you are in an argument, and if you are not able to control, center yourself. Immediately chant CONCEDE CLEAR FIND DIVINE CENTER and start chanting CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

The situation is bound to change.

When you are happy discussing something with your friends and some bad news comes and you are disturbed about it. Start chanting CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

Any bad news means that your mind will jump into a conclusion that it’s a major disturbance or disorder. Its because of fear and panicky.


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