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When problem source is not known

NaranLet us see how to dissolve our karmas through Bija Mantras. There is a problem. However, source of the problem is not known. Karma is the only source. There are no other sources. Irrespective of the karma or reason behind the cause of the problem, how we can remove it?

Contain the karmaLet us see the meaning of the Bija mantras OM LUM NAMAHA and OM VUM NAMAHA. Lum means earth - a vessel, say an earthen pot. It denotes earth element. We put water into the pot. Water element is always connected with our Karma. Through water element our desires are created. Because of our desires we get problems. What is the source of desire - Water?  So, I put water into the vessel. It means my karma is contained in the vessel.

How to remove the karma? OM RUM NAMAHA - by fire element, we can remove it. This comes from Manipura Chakra. It will vaporize the water. When the fire burns, the water vaporizes. The vaporized water will go into space – the universal energy – turning into light and love. When the cause is put in the earthen pot and burnt, the water or karma is vaporized and transmuted into space and light. This is the way to resolve our karmas. So, if we cannot resolve a problem then we can chant, “OM VUM NAMAHA OM LUM NAMAHA OM RUM NAMAHA OM YUM NAMAHA OM HUM NAMAHA”.

If I do so then we mean,Om Vum Namaha – the cause of the problem or karma Om Lum Namaha – I put it in the earthen pot Om Rum Namaha – which I burnt it Om Yum Namaha – it gets vaporized into space and Om Hum Namaha – changing into light and love

How to combine with intention? For this problem I don’t know the cause. So I am using this technique to solve it. I visualize the problem, which I am putting as the cause of the problem inside the water contained in the pot and then I burn the pot with fire. After I finished visualization, I can chant the mantras.


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