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What Is The Role Of The Chakras For A Being?

Updated: May 2, 2020

Somehow or other the word ‘Chakra’ is fascinating for all of us, and all over the world the same word is used for the bio-field of the person. The Chakras are the managers of the bio-field of every human being or every being in this universe.

What is the role of the Chakras for a being?

They take the universal energy and sustain the energy of the body, vital and mind. That is, every individual is able to derive the energy from the universe through the chakras. The fundamental principle of the life force.

How do they do the role?

Chakras are spinning clockwise in normal state. All the chakras are usually spinning clockwise and when they spin clockwise, they receive energy from the universe.

How do we know that the chakras are stable and balanced?

When stable and balanced, all the chakras rotate clockwise and they are of normal speed and of optimum size.

The Bija mantras pertaining to every chakra can activate the chakras in three ways. They enable the chakra to rotate clockwise on regular basis and get universal energy. When the chakras become smaller or bigger, they can activate the chakra to normalize the size with optimize speed. That is, Bija mantras can restore the stability of the chakra.

Clockwise rotation is for receiving the universal energy from outside. When they become smaller or bigger, they start rotating anti-clockwise. When the chakras rotate anti-clockwise, they stop receiving the energy from outside.


What is the probability that they become normal in size?

When you feel dis-satisfied or are wanting more money or in a state of more ‘wants’ always, Chakra becomes bigger. When ‘want’ increases like “I want only this”, “I wantthis to happen before this”; “I want only this to happen”. These are the thoughts, which make the chakra bigger. When the chakra becomes bigger and wobblier, it starts rotating anti-clockwise. Especially, the feelings or emotions like anger, rage, jealousy, vengeance etc., make the chakras bigger and wobble thus making it unstable. When they get bigger or smaller, the chakras become unstable.

When you are worried or in deep depression, sadness the chakras become smaller.

The Bija mantras are the essential part of the chakras; they are the seed of the chakras. When one chants the Bija mantra of the chakra, the chakra becomes normal in size. That is, Bija mantras can restore the chakra to normal size, synchronize and align with the primordial sound “OM”.

This is very important to note that, when anything is rotating clockwise or any movement, it produces a sound. If all the chakras are rotating clockwise and are stable, they will get aligned with universal sound “OM”. When the chakras get aligned with primordial sound “OM”, one gets lot of spiritual insights at that time. It is always necessary to restore and balance the energies of the chakras by understanding the role of each chakra.

Each chakra is specific in its role.


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Sunita Rani
Sunita Rani
Jul 25, 2020

Thanks sir


Irene Dsouza
Irene Dsouza
Aug 27, 2019

Thank you Sir for this wonderful explanation.

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