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Want a healthy baby

Shanti I lost my newborn baby girl very recently due to high pregnancy B.P. Please suggest a suitable remedy so that God willing I can have a healthy baby as early as possible.

Naran Chant “OM”

Shanti Thank you for the prompt response. I just wanted to know whether I have to chant OM with proper breath control or as a mantra continuously. Is there any limit to how many times it should be chanted? Or can I chant it anytime, anywhere and any number of times?

Naran No posture needed for chanting OM. Chant any number of times.

Explanation Sound is the creator of Form (Cymatics science). Om is the primordial sound which creates this world with the perfect sacred geometry. The primordial sound, which is the creator of this world and which is behind every birth, is the creator of perfect form (body). Since, the person had abortion there is some disorder in the formation of foetus. Hence, she was suggested Om, the creator of perfect form. "I am the syllable Om. I am the sound in ether and manhood in men" - Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 Sloka 8.


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