Vim Vishnave Namaha

Updated: May 2, 2020

I used to be obsessed by my relative and it was draining me mentally and physically. I also have habit of obsessive thinking about everything. It used to make me tired and I was not being productive at all. I could hardly sleep at nights. I always was thinking about others, longing for person who does not love me etc., By attending the live session, I learnt the life changing mantra from Naran Sir.

Vim Vishnave Namaha.

I understood how much my energy was getting drained in so many ways. I started chanting it diligently without gap. I chanted it all the time. Even if I forgot and got occupied with work. I wrote on paper the mantra every time my thought wandered. Every time I had negative thought or any thought that is not required, I chanted the mantra Vim Vishnave Namaha and my mind immediately seemed to return back to calm center.

I noticed after a week, I no longer think of the negative people, I no longer long for anyone or think obsessively. I no longer have unwanted thoughts.

Due to this, I have now been sleeping well, getting up, doing my daily pooja and going to work on time with energy. I feel protected and safe. I should mention that I had not been going to work for an year almost due to fear and unknown insecurity of outside world.

I have made this my alignment mantra.


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