Vaasthu Dosha

Some months back when we bought a huge bungalow, everyone told us it had a lot of vastu doshas. Some experts also suggested selling it away.

With a very heavy heart, I had consulted Sir regarding what to do! He told me very calmly with a smile on his face- put a picture of The Mother and sit in that house and say this prayer (3~5 times daily) "In the name of the Mother, For the sake of the Mother, By the Power of the Mother, With the Strength of the Mother, to all adverse harmful being or force I order to quit this place at once and forever", all vastu doshas will go away...

It's been 7 months now with the renovations going on at a rapid speed. Some pit at the entrance was dug and we were told to place some Puja items. I simply placed a Blessings packet of The Mother inside the pit. It was filled up and a marble tile placed on top.

Since then whenever I go to the house to oversee the work being done, i experience so much happiness and a strange sense that something very good is going to happen to us in this house.
I thank Sir profusely for showing me , rather putting be back on The Mother's path when my mind was not working. Note: This prayer picture can be kept in house to resolve any problem. Daily say the prayer 3~5 times.

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