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Transform enemies into friends

Mrs. D.P. Is there any mantra to be chanted for world peace? Today I read about the bomb blast in Delhi HC and people’s body parts flying all over the place!!! What can be chanted that such bad incidents stop happening and the world becomes a safer place to live for children, friends and family?

Naran It is very disturbing to note that India – a peaceful loving country – is always tormented with terrorist attacks. You asked a right question at the right time. This question is perturbing me for quite some time. “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” is one mantra which can protect places and people. Atmospherically, the five elements are totally imbalanced in India.

  1. Balance these five elements – Space, Air, fire, and water, Earth – by coming out of your body. Say, “I am the atman and not this body or mind”.

  2. Say “ENTER CENTRE” visualizing yourself coming out of your body through your head.

  3. Stand outside the body and say, “The atman (which is full of light) in association with Paramatman (universal soul) is sending light to balance and harmonize the five elements of India”.

  4. Visualize a picture of peace covering all over India and its people, starting from your house covering up cities and states one by one and chant “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” for first two minutes

  5. And “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER FIND DIVINE ORDER” for the next three minutes.

  6. After finishing, say “I am the atman going back to this body”. The whole of this exercise will take 10 minutes. A group healing of minimum of 10 persons doing at the same time will be much better. Form a healing group and do it.

Madhu I liked the way you said about India’s peace. I also have a question but it may sound different. So pls don’t get me wrong. Is there any chant which can make a good relationship between India and Pak, as I have many Pak friends from which I can say all are not terrorists? We all are human beings. If anyhow I can help to do it I will be happy.

Naran Thank you. It is a good question. This all of us should do, at least for five minutes a day. Pass this on to your friends. Chant “RISHYASRINGA MAHARISHI CHANGE DIVINE”. Rishyasringa was a saint doing tapas (meditation) thousands and thousands of years ago, somewhere in the interior forests of Karnataka forest. In his surroundings snakes and frogs tigers and deer’s lived friendly. It was his aura or energy which transformed the enemies into friends.


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