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TOGETHER is Fine!!!

Bringing people together with a sense of harmony

TOGETHER means hand in hand and unity. Therefore, it is a word of harmony.

If you think your spouse will scold you when you are late, keep chanting the switch words TOGETHER DIVINE.

Complementing Each Other

For the bride and bridegroom/husband and wife - they can visualize the picture that they are hand in hand and then chant TOGETHER.

TOGETHER means is to be united. It is beautiful word for them to complete each other. Even now, any husband and wife are complementing each other.

If he is in one direction then she will be in another direction.

Co-operation is the key

Another meaning for TOGETHER is co-operation.

Wherever harmony is not there, keep a big bowl of water inn front of you.

10 to 15 people can chant TOGETHER for some time. Then that water can be given to all. Sprinkle that water in the house also. Then only you can be hand in hand and be united. Though, it is not only useful for husband and wife. I just told you as an example.


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