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To sell your house remove unwanted elements from it

Case History Mahesh was trying to sell his two flats for more than six months, but he couldn’t. He consulted Naran S Balakumar, who asked him to keep BLACK TOURMALINE Gem stone in the NE corner of each of those flats. Then he was told to put 10 pills of ‘SPRAY’ – a combination of Bach Flower Remedies that contains WALNUT, CRAB APPLE, MUSTARD, ASPEN, and WHITE CHESTNUT, inside a glass of water and spray it on the floors and walls of the unsold flats. He kept the stones and sprayed the flats with the remedied water for nearly two months. Within a span of two weeks, he got both the flats sold.


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Gem Remedy to Sell Your House

Naran S Balakumar Keep the Gem Stone BLACK TOURMALINE inside the house you want to sell. Or write the intention on a piece of paper and keep the stone on top of the paper.


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