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Tips for getting money

Jean Is there a switch word that will touch people hearts to leave a tip or make them to tip? I work in a hotel as a lobby attendance. My co-workers are room attendants.  People do not tip them anymore.

Naran When the client sits on the table, thank them for ordering the food through you. Thank the divine for meeting them. Pray to the divine, that whatever you serve will give them good health. When you come to work, think about previous day’s clients. Thank them one by one, even if someone had not paid a tip. Thank the hotel owner for giving a chance to serve (others). Thank the food you are serving. When you are about to serve food, say three times, “LOVE THANKS DIVINE” and serve. Write in a piece of paper “CHICORY, HEATHER” and keep it in your pocket.

Explanation Whenever you seek money from others or from your office in the form of promotion/salary hike, the basic Bach Flower remedy is: CHICORY Seeker to become the sought: HEATHER


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