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This Switchword worked as a miracle for me

Updated: May 31, 2023

After long career break I was looking for job to start my career again but was not sure what to do and was not getting response even after applying to no of openings and talking to many friends due to long career gap.

Used to get feedback from different consultants that if I want some good corporate job after long career gap than you have to fill up the gap with fake experience, fake interview and so many other things for which I was not ready.

I was so stressed as I was not getting any clue.

I talked to Naran Sir and he gave me "Together Change Open Charm Divine Now Done Job Count" to write every day for 51 times.

Though I was not consistent in writing on daily basis but I noticed whenever I write either I used to get interview calls or I was getting some new opportunities to apply.

I used to listen vallabham gajananam ekdantham too.

Finally I got good job in good company in USA.

This is just miracle for me.


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