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Think Differently Says the Rabbit

Grace In a very unusual circumstance a black rabbit came to cross my path. It was very large! Can it mean something other than being pregnant? I am 100 percent sure I am not pregnant nor do I intend to be. The night following I had a dream featuring a hawk.

Naran When the animals appear suddenly either in dream or you see them, the message they give is different. Their resources or what they can do if we call them is different from the message they provide us. This difference you have to understand. Rabbit wants you to be careful for another 3 weeks. Think differently or approach any problem differently.

From the Animal Spirit Guide Manual

Messages from Rabbit

  1. There is no more time available. Act now. Take the decision now.

  2. Somebody is waiting to cheat – it could be your relative, friend, shop keeper or unknown person.

  3. Take care of your Urinary, Genital organs – strengthen your Hara Chakra. This implies there is a strain in your relationships

  4. You may love a person

  5. Curb the desires (message from God and not from the Rabbit), especially the food cravings

Resources of Rabbit To drive out any pessimistic talk rabbit will help and to help one to become optimistic. RABBIT also helps to complete all projects in time. Assuming no problem between husband and wife physically – they need to beget a child. Hang the picture of Rabbit facing your bed, so that you could see them first thing in the morning and last thing in the night before going to sleep. As RABBIT improves fertility in persons, it can be used along with PIGEON.


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