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There are no accidents only incidents

BaluI had an accident five years back. It was not a major accident. These days whenever I drive on the road, I am afraid that I might meet with an accident again.

NaranRelease all your current fears about accidents. Release all your emotions attached with your accident that happened in the past. Was there are any advantages of having that accident?  It might sound cruel, but we do invite those accidents as there are some benefits attached to that accident.

BaluNo, that was my first accident and your last question was interesting. I did take off from work for two months and I really did enjoy it, as I was not happy with the management then.

NaranOk, maybe you didn’t have an accident. Any incident happened that gave you the same advantages of taking leave or avoiding a situation you didn’t like. If nothing comes to the memory, go back 12 years from now. Check whether you had any major incidents in your life that made you take a long leave. If there are none, then go back 18 years or 30 years before your accident.

BaluI remember now. I was doing my graduation in Physics. I had problems with HOD (again issues with the management). While playing Hockey, I slipped and broke my left-hand. Interestingly, I took after a leave of two months then.

NaranPut the emotions of your college incident in the triangle. Did any of your parents have met with an accident? Put all of them in the memory.

BaluYes, my father had a couple of accidents after his retirement. I have to check out with him whether he had an accident when he was studying college and when he was working. The funny thing was, in both the cases, I had resentment about the treatment of management and the accident helped to avoid going to the places I hate.

NaranHeal all the memory of your sicknesses that helped you avoid going to work/school/college.

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