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Thank you Naran Sir for Mother

An experience with Divine Mother by Dr. Priyanka

In one of the Naran's blog I had read regarding Mother. Call Divine Mother for help. I didn’t know who. I had never heard before. In November I just thought to google and I read more and more about Mother. I remember I read you are blessed if Mother chooses you to listen her, see her. By this time I had developed inner love some connection towards her.

Next day or a two, Youtube video feed Divine Mothers recording. Tears filled my eyes Heaviness in heart, what a Divine mercy grace. I am so lucky Mother you showed me yourself your voice. I heard her Recording. I saw her walking blessing in videos. And now the proof of her presence.

I had printed Sri Aurobindo and Ma picture and kept with me. I faced most depressing breakdowns last year. During one of them it struck me take the photo cry and try to sleep. Cry in her lap cry like her kid telling your problem to your Mother. I was all alone not a single family member or friend understood my pain. Instead was against me. Excruciating emotional pain. I kept Divine Ma’s photo on my chest clinging to it like a kid n spoke to her and slept. It was a peaceful sleep and woke up in peace which is unbelievable when you are alone broken down. This happened many times always i was relieved. Also my faith emotional strength increased.

This March, again I faced some challenging time, and I broke down I thought i won’t be able to handle it this time. I was furious at the people who gave me so much was 12th March, Thursday I played ya devi sarva bhuteshu song to channel my anger while listening to the mantra. That night, while i was crying asked Mother, Are you there Mother, Are you there for me and slept. I am missing You Ma. Next day Friday, YouTube feed for those missing Mother-Ya devi sarva bhuteshu mantra-Durga mantra. Later that day I googled Mothers photo.

I got a pic with ' I am near you".

Your inner voice tells what message is meant for you and it was not coincidence for me. In November last your, while I read more about Mother, I saw many photos but never without a writing. This was second Divine realization of her presence I got one more photo which said - Divine Mother Durga herself. It’s like connecting dots. We get clues always but our ignorance doesn’t allow to connect the dots. I am really grateful to Divine Mother that she made me connect the dots. And Naran Sir through whom I connected with Divine Ma. And Irene Mam whose guidance helped me to sustain this long when I had given up hope to live. Thank you Irene Mam because of you I got patience and I am relishing on elixir of Naran Sir’s knowledge.

Sir this life is insufficient to convey my gratitude to u and have u as my guru, I wish and pray if I get human birth again in every birth u be my guru. I am grateful to you till my last breath and also thanking in advance for every birth when ul be my teacher, because I know my prayer will be heard. Just in case my ignorant mind fails to realize, so Gratitude in advance for all the births to come.

Thank you. I love you Ma, Sri Aurobindo. Thank you for letting me write this and share my experience. (Trust me this is so precious to me that I always wanted to hide it, my treasury and had decided to share with Naran Sir only when I meet him, but today when he told me to share, I am obeying my Guru and sharing this Jewel experience with you all) Call me selfish greedy crazy Yes I am for when you will realize these Divine interventions you will know what a true enriched person you are. This is true richness for me. My Mother Sri Aurobindo and Naran Sir. Lots of blessings.


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