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Tapping For Emotional Freedom : TIPS

  1. Tap at each of the 15 points, pressing up and down five times with your fingers. Apply very little pressure. Do not press to hard.

  2. Make sure you use all the four fingers – except the thumb, as you can be sure that you are pressing the right place.

  3. You could buy the Acupressure Stick and use them, instead of the fingers. This is useful when you are applying tapping on somebody else who may feel awkward if you touch him or her on certain points.

  4. Alternatively without pressing up and down, just apply pressure and hold on to the point for at least 5 to 10 seconds. This is useful when your fingers are tired or hurt. Choose what you feel best. I find this method very convenient when I do tapping in the office or in public places when I don’t want others to know that I am tapping. I prefer longer time too at each position, say for two to three minutes. Of course go by your gut feelings and choose the method that you feel comfortable and better.

  5. A quick technique to tapping would be to cup each of the fingers of both hands with the other hand. Hold each finger at a time and move across it pressing on all sides of the finger. This is equally effective like other methods. So you will be tapping on all the ten fingers.How many cycles of tapping I have to do? Once you finish one cycle of tapping, ask yourself whether you feel better. Sometimes you will feel better even before completing one cycle, and then you may stop at that point In other situations after completing a cycle if you feel your emotions are not completely released then continue doing for some more cycles, until you feel better. Sometimes you may not feel better completely. Even then you can stop if you feel it is ok to stop, especially during the night. Most probably after a good night sleep, you will see those symptoms vanish completely. Continuing to do tapping for some more days if the problem persists. Definitely you will see improvement after each tapping session. Tapping Positions When you can’t manage to tap in all the points due to circumstances, for example when you are attending an office meeting where you won’t be able to tap in front of others. In those situations, tap on the hands only. There are some emergency situations when you are too tired to tap on all those points. Then tap on triple warmer (gamut) point only. Ideally, it is better you tap on all those fifteen points

  6. Order of tapping positions doesn’t matter. You can start from any position. To make sure that you don’t miss any point start from the beginning of the eyebrow position.

  7. Certain points like Gamut, Collar Bone etc are available on both sides of our bodies. You may tap on any one side.

  8. While doing on the face and chest positions, you may tap on both sidesWhat to say when you are tapping? Whatever you might be feeling or be saying before you started tapping, please say the same thing. More the words are true better the results will be. Say it silently if you prefer. But when you say it aloud (assuming there is nobody is near to you) then the words are true automatically and your mind won’t be wandering too. Other Stuff Tapping is used as an alternative therapy. A healing may require at multiple levels. While Allopathic treatments work at the physical level, tapping works on thoughts and emotion. Therefore, please do not discontinue the treatment you are already undergoing.


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